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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Bonsai Exhibit at The Meridian

1001 Mar Walt Drive

Fort Walton Beach, FL

Bonsai Flyer 2017

Free, open to the public

March - The Beginning of the Busy Season 

by Lee Vanderpool

With the extraordinarily mild weather all winter, our trees are leafing out and blooming far earlier than normal. Two downsides to this are: First, if there is a freeze or even a mild frost in early March, both foliage and flowers on small trees may be damaged or killed. Second, fewer plants will be in early spring growth and flower for the Ft Walton Spring Bonsai Show on April 29. Unfortunately, there is no simple way to stop these actions from happen- ing. The best preventative is good care and good bonsai practices such as routine fertilizing and watering. If these things were done during the past summer and fall, potential damage shouldqbe minimal.

Repotting should be well underway now with the goal to be completion by the end of March. Do not wait too long, though, or you will miss the repotting window completely. This is also the time to collect from the wild and to pot up trees for the first time out of their temporary growing containers into pots. The pots should be on hands since you inventoried last fall and ordered the pots you would need this spring. Keeping a good supply of pots on hand is a good idea so you may be prepared when something untoward happens such as a favorite tree blows off its bench during a windstorm and the pot shatters. 

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