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Saturday, June 10, 2017

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May - Summer is Here

by Lee Vanderpool 

All repotting of temperate trees should be done and no more root pruning should be undertaken until fall. Emergency repotting in which no root pruning takes place may be done in certain instances such as pot breakage, etc. 

Tropical bonsai may be repotted after consistent daytime temperatures reach high 70's or low 80's and may continue through August. Tropicals will also require constant trimming during this period since practically all their growth takes place during only the hottest months of the year.

Japanese black pines should have large candles now and it is difficult to wait to remove them. Early June is the best time to remove these candles since removal at that time will result in shorter needles in the fall.

Trim and lightly prune elms, maples, horn-beam, quince and other temperate deciduous trees as needed. Junipers should be trimmed to maintain their shape. A new school of thought has appeared pertaining to the trimming of junipers; instead of pinching, trim small, juvenile growth out of the twigs to encourage smaller mature growth. This technique is still under scrutiny in this area so, if you are more comfortable with the conventional pinching of junipers, continue to do so.

Most important activity for this time of year is to closely observe watering. Missing one watering period can easily result in a damaged or dead tree. If soil in a bonsai pot is dry one inch down in the pot, watering is needed. 

Another thing to observe is wiring which you performed during the dormant period of the winter. Trees which are growing rapidly will increase the girth of their trunk and branches quick-ly and wire retained after its function is completed may cut into the bark of the tree, scarring it for years or maybe forever. Observe wiring closely and remove the wire before wire dam-age is done. Enjoy this late spring and early summer. Your trees should be at their best. 

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