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November - Winter is Just Around the Corner

Lee Vanderpool

If you have not provided shelter for your tropicals, you are beginning to stretch into the danger zone - the first frost could be any day - or night!  Continue to water even though the weather has turned cooler. The root systems of all trees and the leaves of evergreens continue to use water on a limited basis through out the winter. Although there has been a definite downturn in temperatures, most trees and shrubs will continue to develop roots throughout the fall/early winter. Most evergreen trees such as junipers, pines and boxwoods can be potted if you do minimum root pruning. Fertilize with 0-10-10 this month but discontinue all fertilization except for very weak occasional application to pines and junipers after November. Liquid iron applied once or twice during the winter months will help your trees in early spring when they will be putting out fresh new green growth. As soon as deciduous trees drop their leaves, apply superfine or water soluble miscible oil to the trunks and branches of all your trees to get rid of some of the overwintering insects, their eggs and other pests. This should be repeated at least one more time during the winter when the temperatures warm up to above 70 degrees. Do not apply these oils to evergreen trees, only deciduous. Evergreens transpire throughout the season and oil clogs the stoma on the leaves, smothering the trees. 

Winter is coming. Be prepared!

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