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September - It All Begins Again!

Lee Vanderpool

Here we are back again at the beginning of a new bonsai year for the club. Elections are over and the new 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents have been installed into their new jobs. The board convened and planned out the programs for the coming year. The program schedule has been sent to all members. If you would be interested in presenting any of the planned programs, please let one of the club officers know so we can get you onto the schedule. We are just getting into the hottest period of the year. It has been publicized that July was the hottest month in recorded history. I am sure that August and September will not be far behind. Plants really take a beating this time of year. From drenching rains to scalding hot sun, sometimes all within the same day, punish even the most hardy. The only plants which enjoy this weather are tropicals. Mine grow about two inches a day and require constant trimming just to keep their shape from becoming a broom style bush.

Elms, maples and sweetgum leaves will burn if left in the direct sun for too long so give them some protection. Water control is especially difficult with almost daily rains. Be sure that you do not over water your bonsai and set up conditions for root rot to attack. On the other hand, be sure that you give them water if it has not rained that day or if you have gotten just a shower. Check junipers for spider mites periodically. Although they usually thrive in cooler, drier weather, they can devastate a juniper or other conifer in short order if not controlled with a miticide. Fertilize tropicals now and all through the hot weather but cut back or discontinue fertilizing conifers and deciduous until the weather cools off a little. The club will again have bonsai soil mix for sale at $5.00 for a one gallon Ziploc. If you are going to need a quantity, please let me know so I can get it mixed and bagged. I can also provide a 5 gallon bucket of mix for $25.00. Welcome back!

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