Bonsai Sources in Florida

Let’s play 'What’s on YOUR Bonsai Bench'

Looking for a new bonsai?  For some eye candy, you might check out some sites that are listed below.

The opening pages tempt newcomers to bonsai with pretty, affordable trees in the $40-$20 something range. Lovely to look at but most bonsai enthusiasts have this caliber of trees already on the bench. (Or would have if you would get out there and prune!)

How about a step up?  Whether you are looking to add a high quality tree or just want to see how your trees stack up against some very nice trees, click on ‘Shop’ or follow the links and go look at specimen bonsai. Here, the fun begins.

Featured are Azaleas, Chinese Elms, Ficus, Juniper, Pine and ‘other’ specimen bonsai.  It is a treat to wander through and wish, and compare your prized trees with these featured. Down South there are more tropicals featured. Not every site has every sort of tree.

Ever wonder just how much you might have sitting on your benches…in dollar value? Now, be realistic. Is your tree this good?  Yes, or No. It may knock your socks off.

There are many sites on the web that show trees. I’m looking for those that put a value/cost to the ones pictured. And did not succeed in that objective in all cases. But...

It was a revelation!

In no particular order…look through our bonsai sellers in Florida. This is an incomplete list and no attempt at rating any of the sites. (no prices listed but lots of trees) (a few trees priced) (trees not priced)

elemental (Kissimmee, prices not noted) (prices are shown also Specimen Bonsai Trees) (prices shown) (large selection listed) (prices shown) (pricing) (not priced) (by appointment only) (not priced) (prices shown) (not in English, items priced) (bonsai priced) (under construction, some pricing) (some pricing)

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