Black Pine Care Chart

This chart is courtesy of Lawrence LeClaire of Azalea City Bonsai Society in Mobile.  He has given us permission to use the chart on our web site.  This chart is seasonally adjusted for the Gulf Coast region from Louisiana to North Florida.  

Read across the top for the month and down through the chart for the action to be taken.  The work to be done depends on whether you are working with a new tree that needs to grow (see Wild) or a tree in training that has reached some maturity.

For your pine work in March and April you should have finished (or soon will be) repotting and are now fertilizing with the famous Weekly/Weakly method.  Now is the time to watch the candles elongate.  Resist the urge to cut…wait until June.

Keep up your fungicide regimen.  Needle cast is always present in our area.  Watch for pests and treat with appropriate methods.  Spider mites can ruin a tree.  Hose weekly with a strong stream of water.  (DON'T PRESSURE WASH!!)

GC JBP calendar 2013

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